7.7.1397 Miss Nahidتب ۱

محتوای زبانه به اینجا می رود …
Class book:Page 11
Work book:Page 11
Assignment:Do Part 3 of page 11

Miss Nahid F & F1 8.7.1397تب ۲

محتوای زبانه به اینجا می رود …

Class:Family and Friends 1.Miss Nahid 8.7.1397

Subject:Skiils Time Reading on page 12 Class book+ Work book page 12

Assignment:2 lines dictation

F & F 1_9.7.1397


Class:Family and friends 1_Miss Nahid

.Subject:Class book page 13+Work book page13 Listening parts:Bookcase,rubber,ruler,pen,pencil,pencilcase,folder and What’s this?It’s a ruler

Assignment_2 lines dictation

F & F1-Miss Nahid-10.7.1397

Second grade_Miss Nahid

Class:Family And Friends1
Subject:Class book page 14 Play Time(doll,ball,teddy,puzzle)+work book page 14
Assignment:write 2 lines dictation of new words.

Miss Nahid.F & F1-11.7.1397

Second and Third grade_Miss Nahid

Class:Family & Friends1
Subject:Class book & Work book page15=>grammar(my and your)
This is my book./This is your doll.
Is this your bag? Yes,It is./No,It isn’t.
Assignment:Write 4 sentences and use my and your.

Miss Nahid.14.7.1397

Miss Nahid.Second and Third grade


Class:Family And Friends1

Subject:Class book page16=>New words(kite,bike,train,game and scooter)+Spelling test+games video

Assignment:Work book page16

Miss Nahid.15.7.1397

Miss Nahid.Second and Third


Class:Family and Friends1

Subject:Phonics=>egg,fig,goat,hat Class book Page17.Revision of numbers

Assignment:Work book page 17

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