7.7.1397 Miss Nahidتب ۱

محتوای زبانه به اینجا می رود …
Subject:Revision of present simple and present continuous
Activity:Grammar worksheet
spelling test
assignment:2 lines dictation

8.7.1397 Miss Nahid F & F 4تب ۲

محتوای زبانه به اینجا می رود …

Class:Family and friends4.Miss Nahid 8.7.1397

Subject:Class book page 10 Grammar:Time markers always,usually,sometimes,rarely and never+Work book page 9


9.7.1397 F & F 4


Class:Family and Friends4_Miss Nahid

Subject:Phonics:Long a and Long e:tray,train,cake,tree,leaves and key on Class book page 11+Work book page 11

Assignment:Find the new words in your dictionary and write the meanings in your notebooks

F & F4-Miss Nahid-10.7.1397

۴th 5th & 6th garde_Miss Nahid

Class:Family and friends4
Subject:Class book page 12(Skills Time:Reading)
Assignment:Summarize the reading part.

Miss Nahid.F & F4-11.7.1397

۴th 5th and 6th _Miss Nahid

Class:Family and Friends4
Subject:Class book page 13=>Speaking:What do you usually eat for breakfast?Who cooks in your family?What time do you eat dinner?What can you cook?Where do you eat your lunch?+Writing preparation:Syllables=>salad:sa|lad=2
Assignment:Work book page 13

Miss Nahid.14.7.1397

Miss Nahid.Fourth Fifth and sixth grade


Class:Family and Friends4

Subject:Class book=>page14 We had a concert(drums,concert,instruments,violin,audience,recorder,cheer,stage and programme)+Sentences

Assignment:Work book page 13


Miss Nahid.Fourt,Fifth and Sixth garde


Class:Family and Friends 4

Subject:Story book+Class book page 15=>Simple past tenses be:was/were 


Assignment:Workbook page 15

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