Ms. Nayereh 1397.07.08

Instructor: Ms.Nayereh                               Class:Family & Friends1                 Date: 1397.07.08

Subject: song unit 2


reviewed  week days

Assignment: dictation

workbook page 11

تب ۲

محتوای زبانه به اینجا می رود …

Class F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:09/07/97

Class:F&F1 , Ms.Nayereh


reading unit1

grammar(my) this is my pen.

Assignment:dictation of numbers 1-10

work book: p:12

Family & Friends1 Ms.Nayereh Date: 1397.07.11

Instructor: Ms.Nayereh                                Class:Family & Friends1                 Date: 1397.07.11

Subject:  unit 1 role play page 14

grammar : page 15(my-your)

review : toys

Assignment: dictation of numbers 1-10

workbook page 14-15

Family & Friends1 Ms.Nayereh Date: 1397.07.16
  1. Instructor: Ms.Nayereh                               Class:Family & Friends1                 Date: 1397.07.16

Subject: grammar : unit 3 this is – these are and new words

Numbers dictation

  • workbook page 17

Assignment: dictation

workbook page 20

Family&Friends1 instructor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/17

Family&Friends1   instructor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/17
Subject: unit 3 role play,review parts of body / there is /these are
Work on spelling of numbers 1-10
Assigment: dictation ,work book p:21

Date:97/7/18 Family&Friends1 Instructor:Ms.Nayereh

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date: 97/7/18
Subject: unit3 ,
review role play page 20,phonics page 23
Assignment:dictation: new words of unit 3
work book:Page 23

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/21

Class:F&F1             Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/21
Subject:review school things,parts of body and song of unit3
Assignment: dictation new word unit 3

Family&Friends1 Instructor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/23

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/23
Subject:unit2 reading page 18
Fluency time page 26
Assignment: work book, page:19, dictation

Family&Friends1 Instrctor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/24

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/24
Subject:review units 1-2-3 (pages 28-29)
Fluency time page 26
Assignment: work book, page:28, dictation pages:20-22

Family&Friends1 Instructor:Ms.Nayeteh Date:97/7/25

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/25
Subject:review units 1-2-3 (pages 28-29)
Fluency time page 26, hand craft , story book page 1
Assignment: listening, tracks:40/41, dictation pages:20-22

Family&Friends1 Instructor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/28

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/7/28
Subject: workbook, pp:26/29
story book, pages:1/2
Assignment: dictation pages:20-22
story book: reading pp:1/2

Family&Frinds2 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/8/1

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/8/1
Fluency time page 26 : speaking , story book page : 1-4
Assignment: work book page : 25 story book reading pages : 3-4

Family&Friends1 Instructor:Ms.Nayereh Date:97/8/2

Class:F&F1 Ms.Nayereh Date:97/8/2
review unit 1
Practice reading words
story book page : 1-5
Assignment: story book, reading pages : 1- 5
Do page 7

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